In Which the Clue is Always Stripes

Last night I had a dream that I was doing many, many things.  The dream was disjointed.  Here are the highlights:

– I tried to stop a Japanese wife smuggling ring that was operating out of a college kitchen.

– There was also a drug smuggling ring.

– My high school boyfriend and I went through the entire gamut of a relationship: Seeing each other from across a room (while knowing that we had dated before), eating together in the same cafeteria where the aforementioned wife ring was taking place, holding hands, getting into an argument about said wife ring, breaking up and then having a long discussion about how it will be hard for us to remain friends – but we could try.

– Me running a triathlon that started with us on bicycles at the top of a huge ramp.  At the bottom of the ramp was the ocean.  Participants were required to ride down the huge hill and launch into the ocean while still holding on to the bike. I remember that I was still trying to hook my lifejacket when it was my turn to ride.  Once underwater, my glasses turned into goggles and I could see that there were other riders in front of me who were getting into fistfights underwater while still riding their bikes. Suddenly we were running up the stairs of an ancient ruin – bikes nowhere to be found.  We began to run while also removing helmets and lifejackets and other things.  Instead of discarding these things, I discovered that I was still carrying everything.  I ran into my old marathon buddy K and we started to “run” together.  “Run” because I was still laden down with all of my things including the gym bag and purse that I had picked up along the way.  The ruins turned into a castle with extremely tiny staircases, nooks, and crannies.  After chasing K for awhile, the run turned into a scavenger hunt/trivia contest.  One of the clues lead us to a tiny room inside the castle that had a full entertainment system.  K read the clue which was about a military movie from the 80s starring Bill Murray. I yelled Stripes and we popped the DVD into the player.  For some reason, Bill popped on the screen and started yelling about wifi access.  All of the characters also had blue-white glowing eyes with electricity sparking around them.  “Wifi” was apparently the next clue so K took off running again.  I desperately tried to keep up with her as we climbed tiny staircases and squeezed through tiny caves.  While struggling with all of my luggage I asked K where she had dropped all of her crap.  She told me that she had a friend she gave it to earlier and that she would never run with as many chickens as I was carrying anyway.  I became embarrassed and said that I didn’t mean to bring the chickens with me anyway!  Another clue! Chickens? No.  BIll Murray again.  Back to the DVD room.  While trying to figure out another clue, I started to remove all of my bags, helmet, and the cycling shoes I had been wearing this whole time.  K figured out the clue and started to run again as I reloaded myself with everything except my shoes which turned into the rental shoes from Earth Treks Climbing Center in Rockville, MD.  Somehow, K and I became separated but I could still see her through a tiny crack in the cave wall.  She was talking to me but I could no longer hear her. I spent the rest of the dream running up and down the same tiny staircase – ending up in the same tiny room filled with clues which all lead me to the same DVD of Stripes.  

And then I woke up.


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