Honors Stress Dreams

Last night I had a dream that it was the week of the biggest event at work. Which makes sense since it is, in fact, the week of the biggest event at work. In addition to the concert, there is also a dinner for 1,900 in the Grand Foyer. It’s not small potatoes.

Earlier this week, I had a dream that we just forgot to set up the dinner tables which we figured out about 5 minutes before the dinner was set to start. For reference, the load in of the tables themselves takes about 6 hours and this doesn’t count the flowers and the flatware and the glasses and the menu cards and the chairs which takes another 10 hours or so. Luckily we figured out that we had set up the tables in another part of the building and outside in the parking lot.

Other Honors-related dreams have involved forgetting it was the event day and over-sleeping, trying to set up 200 tables while children ran up and down the foyer, and, also this week, dreaming that I was arrested during the performance for holding a very large quantity of pot.

Last night’s addition to the long list of crazy began with me striking up a new relationship with my high school boyfriend. For whatever reason, he owned a house out in the woods and we were having a weekend party. During my actual dream, I had another dream where something sparked my memory that somehow we had accidentally booked two events in a space near the Honors theater the day before the Honors. I woke up (still in the dream) with a start and called my coworker to confirm the double-booking.

“C!” I yelled into the phone “We booked an education event in the SOTL at 2:30 on Saturday!” “I know” she responded. “Yes, but we also booked Justin Bieber’s birthday party at the same time in the same place!” “Shit!” “Plus, Bieber’s event has 800 people and the education event has 434!” “But the space only holds 120!” “I know!”

Then we laughed because certainly security would allow 1,234 people including a tiny Canadian pop star and all of his friends into a space that holds 120 the day before the biggest annual event in Kennedy Center history.

So, who’s stressed?


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