Last night I had a dream that I was Mindy Kaling.  Sometimes.  For some of the dream, I was her and for other parts of the dream, I could see her.  And for some reason she had a neck tattoo of the Nescafe logo.  But sometimes I had the neck tattoo of the Nescafe logo. 

In my dream, we were in high school and we were at a Friday night football game.  Dressed as mascots. Which were bald eagles.  We were officially sanctioned mascots but we ran out onto the field where there was a parade lining up.  For some reason, there were a bunch of other mascots there mostly in over-sized taco and gyro costumes.  So, being the comediennes that we are, we began to chase the large food items up and down the parade route trying to eat them.  Naturally, this was hilarious. The crowd loved us so we continued to give chase throughout the field where the game had mysteriously started.  Even the footballers loved us!

The moral of this dream is to never underestimate the power of love. Or that of giant foam bald eagles chasing and pecking at giant foam hot dogs.




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