And the Golden Globe goes to…

Last night, I had a dream that I was a famous actress on a hit AMC TV show that rhymes with Dad Den.  I was attending a Golden Globes-type event where I went to a backstage red carpet area with many photographers.  One particular photographer told me that she loved my outfit and a quick step and repeat turned into a full on photo shoot.

During the photo shoot, Photographer kept making me do these bizarre poses that you would normally find in a high-fashion rag. After a few wide shots, we did some close-ups when she switched to a 35mm point and shoot film camera that my grandmother owned in the late 90s.  I became a little uncomfortable and this is when Photographer started to call me names and tell me that I should appreciate everything that I had and I should stop being such a big baby about everything.

At this point, my Publicist came in and started arguing with Photographer.  In utter awkwardness, Publicist grabbed me and led me from the room.

Cut to the actual awards seating which was located in what looked like an unfinished hotel ballroom with floor to ceiling windows where the stage should be.  I walked to the front because (naturally) I was in the front row.  Photographer was there and started pretending that we were the bestest of friends and showed me that we were sitting together.  Publicist came up behind us and Photographer told her that she was sitting someplace else (which turned into the same row but just further down.) This is also when I noticed that we were not sitting in theater-style rows but rather in what looked to be a college lecture hall.

Publicist became angry and left to go to the bathroom.  I followed her telling her that I would meet her at the bar.  I walked up to the bar and ordered a vodka soda and a glass of red wine.  Upon looking up, I saw that the bartender was none other than Photographer.  She smiled an evil smile and told me that my order came to $29.50.  I said “For wine?”  She said “Yours is actually $29 but I like to add the $.50 to bitches.”

I dug into my wallet and pulled out a ten and a bunch of ones and threw them at Bartender.

Then, I woke up.


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