Last night I had a dream where I was in Tron.  Only it wasn’t the tri-color of the old Tron but rather a rainbow of colors. I wasn’t one of the cars but rather I was looking for someone and there to assist me was Walter Matthau.  He was standing in front of me and every time I asked him a question, he would shake his head slowly back and forth but his helmet wouldn’t move.

Suddenly I was at a day care center or an elementary school where the class was getting ready to watch a PSA.  This particular PSA came with a disclaimer: “Some of the images may be unsuitable for people who don’t like chocolate.” Then the video began.  It was like a bad trip with multicolored chocolate candies and children ripping the ears off of white chocolate bunnies.  There were fireworks of chocolate and people running around yelling and crying and eating. 

And then everything went blue. 

This is what happens when CVS screws up your prescription.


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