Vanessa Redgrave and the Broom Game

Last night, I had a dream that I was in an acting class with my coworkers from The Kennedy Center.  We were all standing in a circle when Vanessa Redgrave walked in and pulled me aside.  She told me that we would be playing one of those acting games where one person leaves the room but somehow knows what’s happening back in the room.  Much like “The Broom is Hanging” or a game like that.  The trick in this game was, Vanessa whispered to me, when someone said some specific words I should yell out a color.  Apparently everyone would be surprised that I knew this color or something like that.  (It’s not a very good game.) 

So I joined the rest of the class and stood in the middle of the circle. First, the intern coordinator started saying things to me.  “Nope!” I replied smugly.  Frustrated, he gave up and went to the outer part of the circle.  Next the catering sales manager came up and said “Alchemist Cabana!”  “Purple!” I replied.  Everyone was in shock!  Applause and laughter. 

Vanessa pulled me aside again and told me another phrase to listen for: What do you think about health care in the US?  I had my response and walked back to the circle. 

Suddenly, I was running frantically through a small not-so-safe town in the middle of the night.  I jumped a fence and ran up to a shopping center where the third shift workers were outside having a smoke.  They all looked at me strangely as I ran by.  I saw a Target but upon closer inspection the door said “Wal-Mart.”  “Target FAIL!” I thought to myself, “I gotta get a picture of that.” While I was running, I pulled out my iPhone only to realize that all of the workers were staring at me.  One of the workers started to break free of the group and he began to chase me.  I couldn’t get away!  I tried to punch him and kick him but none of my hits connected.  I ran to a fence thinking that I would jump over it but saw that it was covered in barbed wire.  I ran along the fence until I reached the clearing where I was having my acting class. 

I stopped and turned around.  The guy was nowhere to be found.  I started to run back to the shopping center, determined to take the picture of the Tar-Mart (or Walget if you prefer.)  Again I ran around the building pulling out my iPhone as I ran.  I stopped and took a picture just as our intern walked up to me. 

“Do you know those people?” I asked.  “Yes” he said.  “Did you see that guy chasing me??”  “Yes.”  “Well why didn’t you do anything?!” 

Suddenly, I was back in the circle where apparently the acting game had been running for quite a long time.  There were very few people left and Vanessa was staring straight at me.  “What do you think of health care in the US?” she asked.  “I’m for it” I said.  She looked at me pointedly as this was not the correct response.  “What do you think of health care in the US?” she asked again.  “….I….uh….I’m sorry!  I can’t remember the answer!”  I said sheepishly.  “It just took so long that I forgot what I was supposed to say!”  I felt so guilty that I had ruined the game until I looked around to see that it was just Vanessa, me, and some random old dude. 

“Well…” Vanessa sighed “I guess we all can’t be as good as me.”

And then I woke up.


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