Tonight the part of Crow will be played by…

Last night I had a dream that I was in a warehouse area of a large metropolitan city.  I was walking down the street and I passed a large crow dancing around on someone’s front steps.  He had a white bandage on his wing but was still cutting a rug like no one else. I said hello and asked him why he wasn’t taking care of his wing.  He told me that he was fine and that it wasn’t an issue. 

I then asked him “are you here for the entire episode?”  “No” he said “this is just a cameo.”  ….”Denis Leary?” I said “Isn’t it weird that they would hire you for just a cameo?”  “Maybe” he replied.  We smiled and I started to walk on. 

Suddenly, behind me, I heard a commotion and turned to find my very flamboyant friend, M.R. standing in the doorway of a repair shop flailing around.  He was dressed quite impeccably in skinny black pinstripe pants and a black button down shirt, but obviously upset about something.  I ran up to him to find that his arm was completely broken.  (The same side as the Denis Leary Crow had his bandaged wing.) 

I told him that we had to go see a doctor and I ran back to the Denis Leary Crow to ask where was the near hospital.  Denis Leary Crow told me that the town didn’t have a hospital but there was a vet’s office just up the street.  I asked him if they would take a human and he said “Yes, if there’s also an animal involved.”  “Denis Leary Crow, will you be the animal?”  “Sure” he said. 

I ran back to M.R. who was now dancing around as if everything was fine but had somehow found a cast in the meantime.  I grabbed his good hand and pulled him back up the street to the vet’s office.  It was midnight but for some reason the office was fully staffed.  But the door was locked.  I banged on the door and said “Help! Help!”  The receptionist ran to the door and let us in and I said “My friend needs an x-ray!” She led M.R. back to an exam room and told me that there better be an animal involved and I said there was and that he was outside.   

I ran back to Denis Leary Crow’s stoop only to find that he was gone.  Frantically, I ran back to the vet’s office and told them that I had lied and there wasn’t an animal involved but M.R. was already in the exam room so could they please take him anyway?  “Did you see the crow outside?” the doctor asked.  “Yes” I said. “Could you understand him?”  “Yes.”  “That’s strange, he normally doesn’t talk to strangers.” 

Suddenly the scene shifted and I was in the backseat  of a car in what felt like a heist movie.  Everyone in the car was very tense and the man in the front passenger seat was finishing up directions on what we were supposed to do next.  We all agreed as the driver parked the car.  On the count of three we all jumped out of the car and ran towards another repair shop.  The lighting above us was yellow and hazy. 

As we ran into the shop I got the distinct feeling that we were the “good guys” which was further cemented as we rescued a little girl who had been kidnapped by the “bad guys.”  We grabbed her and her teddy bear and ran back to the car.  As we congratulated each other on a job well done, the end credits began to roll with the repeated sounds of the iPhone’s “Marimba” alarm setting.


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