GMAT. Ducky.

Last night I had a dream that I was driving a car in New York trying to find Bethesda. Not the city; the street. I know that I was late for something and I was frantically driving trying to find Bethesda Street.  Suddenly, I see a street sign that says Bethesda Court so I figure “Hey, close enough.”

Magically, I’m out of the car running up and down along the sidewalk (which looks more like the sidewalk near my hotel in Paris than it does a busy Manhattan area.)  It’s very quiet and dark with only yellow porch lights to light my way.  Someone else is with me and we see a small blue sign hanging above a doorway.  We realize that this is where we are supposed to be and run up the stairs. 

We get to the second floor and we are in the hallway of a church where my Sister and Brother in Law had a performance in a one-act festival in Chicago.  I yell out “Hey, I’ve been here before! This is the right place!”  only I’m not recognizing it as the church but rather as the place where my former coworker, KK, took her GMAT…from a dream that I had about my former coworker taking the GMAT. 

I see what looks like a magazine rack full of standardized tests.  I hear the administrator yelling that the test is about to begin and we need to take our seats.  After confusedly looking at the tests again, I grab what is supposed to represent the GMAT but those are definitely not the letters on the top of the test.  (I think there was a ‘C’ involved but I can’t be sure.)

I run into the room and take a seat.  The administrator tells us to begin and I look up and it’s Dr. Mallard, Ducky, from NCIS

I look back at the test and nothing on it is making sense.  I flip hurriedly through the pages until I start to see pictures.  I check the boxes under the pictures randomly until, as I’m flipping the page, a particular photo catches my eye.  I flip back to it and, sure enough, it’s a picture of my friend’s cats cuddled together on my sister’s couch.

The scene changes and I’m now in a classroom at my university that I used to clean on third shift during my senior year when I was a janitor.  I stay here briefly as I leaf through the test one more time.

I hear someone walk into the room and the scene changes again to the green room of the summer stock theater where I spent 8 long weeks in 2001.  I look up (because I’m now laying on the floor) and see my sister.  I whisper to her to come over.  She does and I say “Don’t tell anyone I’m showing you this, but look!”  I show her the picture of the cats and she shrugs and says “Okay.” 

At this point, I actually wake up because I’m nervous that my mouth guard for Bruxism has fallen out.  I touch my mouth and realize it’s still there and start saying to myself “GMAT. Ducky. GMAT. Ducky. GMAT. Ducky.” as a way to remind myself of my dream so I can write about it on my blog in the morning. 

I fall back to sleep and dream that I am at my computer writing about the GMAT. And Ducky.


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