The Tale of Two Wandas and a Starbuck

Last night I had a dream that my coworker, Wanda, was missing.  We couldn’t find her anywhere!  I have no idea where exactly we were only that wherever we were, there was an attic.  We frantically searched for her everywhere (including underneath things as Wanda is a bit on the shorter side.) 

Suddenly, Wanda walked into the room but looking at her, I realized that it wasn’t her but her avatar.  I told my other coworkers this and we continued our search.  Something about the avatar told me that I should go into the attic to search one last time.  Standing in the attic with another friend we were suddenly shocked to see Wanda walk out from behind a stack of theatrical flats.

“Wanda!” I yelled, but she couldn’t hear me.  “Wanda!!”  I realized that she was wearing headphones so i jumped in front of her and yanked one of the earbuds out of her ear.  “Wanda! You need to go downstairs!”  She just looked at me blankly so I pulled the other earbud out and repeated myself: “Wanda! Go downstairs!”  She nodded the kind of nod that only comes from being drugged on in a trance and climbed downstairs. 

We followed her down only to realize that the avatar was still walking around.  (Obviously since Wanda was in blue and the avatar was in yellow they had to be two separate people.)  The search began again with more fervor since we knew that the avatar was evil and would mess up our plans for world domination….or would make us late for work…one of the two.

Upon realizing that one of the two Wandas must be destroyed, I woke up. 


Last weekend, I dreamt that I was Starbuck.  Kara Thrace.  Lt. then later Captain on the Battlestar Galactica.  I dreamt that Apollo and I were on a super secret mission in a Cylon raider.  The raider was full of blood and could only be docked by hand by sticking the nose of the ship into a small tube. 

We flew around all crazy like shooting at anything with a red glowing eye and after each explosion, I would say to myself “but there’s no fire in space!”  The mission ended, I was someone hovering above the CIC (which was also an oil refinery filled with hundreds of metal barrels.  While I couldn’t see Admiral Adama anywhere, I could hear his voice.  He was yelling something but I couldn’t make it out. 

Suddenly, there was another large explosion which immediately started to move in slow motion below me.  As I was still moving regular speed, I was able to hoist myself into the rafters to watch the explosion from a safe distance (because apparently in my dreams, you can see explosions in space and fireballs don’t rise into the air.) 

After watching the fireball blaze, I heard the Admiral’s voice again and headed back to my ship as if nothing had happened. 

And, naturally, then I woke up.


2 Responses to “The Tale of Two Wandas and a Starbuck”

  1. 1 Lindsey's Sister March 15, 2010 at 3:39 pm

    maybe you should lay off the Battlestar Galactica for a while 🙂

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