Super Spy!

Last night I had a dream in which I was a spy.  I think.  I’m honestly not sure what happened.  Intercut with scenes of my office and coworkers was basically a Kristen Bell espionage movie. 

In the first scene, I was in a small European town and I was with a man with whom I believe I had had a romantic encounter prior to the beginning of the “movie.”  He dropped me off outside of a restaurant and told me to go with another tall lanky European man with strange hair.  I followed this second man because I thought he would help me.  I believe I was running from something or maybe Man Number 1 was running from something and I was now an accessory? 

Either way, I followed Man Number 2 through the street and suddenly he yelled to me to go to the brown car on the street.  I didn’t see a brown car so I ran to a tan one and asked “This one?”  I saw that he was trying to open the car door muttering something about “I just need to see if I can take anything from this car.”  Inside the car hanging from the ignition were the car keys.  I decided not to tell him about this fact. 

Man Number 2 finally gave up trying to break into the car, and walked up to the restaurant.  He rang the doorbell and someone came to open the door for him.  I remember that it was early morning and the restaurant wasn’t yet open.  I followed him down the stairs as he ran up to the manager and started frantically speaking in another language. 

At this point I thought to myself “I don’t think I want to be here when whatever goes down goes down.” So I thanked him and turned and ran up the stairs.  I know that he was trying to stop me, but I kept running.  I ran out into the street and hailed a taxi. 

A bright orange taxi pulled over to the side and the driver motioned to me and another woman in a fur coat on the other side of the street.  I ran to the taxi with the other woman and we both noticed that there was already a woman in the cab.  The driver said “No, come! It’s fine! I know where you’re going!”  which I found interesting since I hadn’t a clue where I was headed other than the airport.  At this moment I realized that I was in London because I told the driver that I was headed “to the airport” but that I “didn’t know if it was Gatwick or Heathrow.” 

As I pulled out my cell phone to call my coworker, the woman to my left said with a sigh “it’s fine, I’ll just go the Ritz then.” 

Suddenly I was back in my office where our Intern was meeting us all for lunch. I thought “That’s strange because she moved back to Nebraska.” 

Cut back to the spy dream where I found myself sitting on a bench with Kristen Bell.  I think we were enemies but we might have been lovers, I’m not totally sure.  We were arguing about something but also agreeing about something. 

Jump cut to me in a hotel room with Man Number 1.  In this scene, I know that he is a spy and that we are enemies because I have slipped something into his coffee.  He’s becoming woozy and stumbling around.  I have a sense of glee about this, but I am also watching the scene from afar (and seeing myself as Kristen Bell) and I am upset because I feel something (love? fondness?) towards this man.  I’m torn between wanting to finish my job and wanting to be with him. 

At the end of the dream, I was riding in a taxi with some emo or Simon & Garfunkel song playing in the background as I look longingly out of the window. 



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