We’re gonna need a bigger patio

Last night I had a dream that I was in Greece…or Italy…somewhere with a Mediteranian coast.  I was there with Husband, Father-in-Law, Sister-in-Law, and SIL’s boyfriend.  We were walking around a castle and as we walked into a patio area, we realized that it was full of water.  Apparently this was completely expected by everyone else so we moved forward into the neck-deep water. 

Suprisingly, there was a current in the water so it was very difficult for me to move.  My family went along ahead of me and I struggled with the water.  I finally caught up with them only to be faced with another patio that was also full of water.  This time it was only waist deep. 

We moved through this patio easily and came out on the other side into a room which I believe was the Golden Circles Lounge at the Kennedy Center.  A few of my coworkers were there and I realized that we were all dressed alike**

**This is not a rare occurence at my place of work.  Much like our menstrual cycles, our wardrobes have started to sync up.  I have a Facebook photo album called “When Matching Goes Bad” and it has all of the photos of various groupings in my office when we were all dressed alike.  I should put the dates on them because there was one week where there were two days that we were in black pants, a white shirt, and a jean jacket.  And one girl was in both shots.  But I digress.

I wanted one coworker to take a picture of us dressed alike so I handed her my iPhone.  SIL also wanted to get a picture of us dressed alike (all in black dresses with flowers and a black sweater).  We posed and the photos were taken.  My other coworker handed me back my phone and I tried to look at the photos. 

Suddenly I became very dizzy and disoriented and couldn’t quite make out what I was looking at.  I started to flip through the photos and instead of a posed picture of us, there was a photo of one of my coworkers in a fun-house still mirrored room where there were easily 10 copies of her.  I thought to myself “Well this should totally go in When Matching Goes Bad because all of her reflections are wearing the same outfit!”  I’m a genuis, what can I say. 

I looked up and realized that my family had wandered off without me.  I started to follow them but found that I was holding a large framed painting.  Only it wasn’t a painting.  It was my iPhone.  I started to push the buttons and discovered that it worked like my iPhone.  I again started to flip through my photos as I was walking….which was incredibly difficult as this “painting” was about 2 feet wide.

I caught up with Husband at the first water patio and told him that I wouldn’t be able to make it across carrying this huge painting.  He said “No, it will be fine.  Just carry above your head.”  Of course! Why didn’t I think of that? 

Um, no.

I decide that it would be much safer for my amazing artwork if I walk along the wet stone walls surrounding the patios.  So I start to walk and amazingly make it all the way around the first patio.  I walk up to the second patio and walk along the edge where I see that there are two girls standing in the water pointing at something dark in the water.    I strain to see what they see and realize it’s a shark

I yell to them to get out of the water and suddenly they disappear. I look across the patio and see Husband standing there looking out a window.  I tell him that he needs to run because there’s a shark in the water.  He looks down just as the shark swims past him and bumps his leg.  Through the splashing of the water I see that a blue-green spot is forming on Husband’s shin.   I also see that instead of gills, the shark has a second mouth on the side of its head. 

Husband jumps out of the water and blue-green bruise is gone but now there is a bite mark on his foot.  We walk away from the area and jump in a cab.  Husband isn’t in any pain and we see that the bite mark has completely healed but has left a scar on his foot. 

And then we were in an attic and I was completely upset that I had lost my painting.  So if anyone sees a really big painting on an iPhone where the buttons actually work and it has all of my photos and apps on it, let me know!  Thanks!


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