Adventures in Laundry

Last night I dreamt that I was back in an apprentice-like program but I have no idea what we were apprentices to.  Somehow, I witnessed one of the other girls as she went to this rally where whatever they were rallying for or against made her extremely upset.  She also got in a throw down altercation with a young man at the rally which left her in tears.

Cut to me being in an apartment shared by a couple involved in the apprentice program.  We are sitting around waiting for the rest of the group to arrive and the boyfriend starts singing.  (PS, he looks like the janitor from Improv Everywhere’s Food Court Musical.)  We laugh.  We have a few drinks.  I realize that my laundry is in the closet.  I go to check on it and it’s all nicely folded under a pile of coats. I am pleased.

Suddenly, 10 extra people show up to the party including the first girl.  She walks in and it’s kind of like an anime cartoon where the camera begins doing quick zooms onto important thing in the room and then back on the character.  This happens numerous times as she realizes that the boyfriend is the same young man from earlier with whom she got into the awful altercation. 

She is wearing a white crocheted hat and vest and starts to cry. 

Just as suddenly, everything is fine again and I decide that it’s time to go home.  I tell the boyfriend that I need to get my laundry and he says okay but he needs to pull his socks out of the basket first.  I grab the basket nad he pulls his socks out.  I start to leave and he says that it’s a really bad area so he’ll walk me to my car.

I head outside and realize that Husband has dropped off the car to me and I’m not sure where he has left it.  I start to call him and the boyfriend tells me that he’s received a text from Husband that says that the car is at the intersection of Delancy and Winter streets.  We start to look around at these tiny street signs which are hanging from the ceiling (because naturally, we’re now in a hallway.  With cars parked along it.) 

We start to run and I find the car but the I see that he’s no longer holding my laundry.  He tells me to get in the car and he’ll go find the laundry.  I jump in the car and see that there are people right next to the window trying to open the car door and grab me.  I start to drive and I see a bunch of homeless people with laundry baskets running away.  I find the woman with my basket and I stop the car and run up to her.  I tell her that it’s my laundry basket in her hands and I try to grab it.  She tells me that it’s hers but doesn’t really fight me.  I look into the basket and realize that most of my clothing is gone and all that is left is a yellow blanket. 

Then I wake up.

A few minutes later, I fall asleep again and dream that there is a baby in a pool, only the baby doesn’t have a face.  Or a body.  It’s just a head.  Without a face. The baby is definitely alive but the head is wrapped in gauze and there is a breathing tube coming out of the top.  I place it back in the water.

Then I wake up again. 

It was a long night.


3 Responses to “Adventures in Laundry”

  1. 1 -J. October 23, 2009 at 4:49 pm


    So… I think I’m stealing the faceless-baby-in-a-pool thing for a script. In fact, for the script I’m writing right now.

    Um… thanks?


  2. 2 Brooke October 23, 2009 at 4:50 pm

    I would cry too if I were wearing white crocheted hat and vest.

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