Caterpillars and holes in the floor

Last night I had a dream that started at work.  I was managing a seated dinner for a large group of older Americans. I’m not sure which group it was but I seem to remember that most of the women had big hair and giant flower brooches.  Midway through the dream, I was suddenly at home waiting for my friends Brooke and Shawn to come over to play Apples to Apples.  After Brooke called me, I realized that I was wearing my pajamas – which means no bra.  Which is not good for me.  So I quickly changed into regular clothes which in this dream meant a pair of jeans and a green OR scrub top.

Brooke called again and I walked to the front of my apartment which turned into the Atrium at work.  I was back at the seated dinner only this time, in the empty area of the room I realized that someone had set up 10 new tables with blue and purple plaid linens.   I looked out of the Atrium and I saw the usher that I had hired to keep the event private was standing outside of the room but he was looking at another usher who had fallen down.  I looked more closely at the second usher and realized he hadn’t just fallen down, he had gotten the entirety of his right leg stuck in a giant hole on the floor.  I ran out to help him out of the hole and realized that there were 2 other identically large holes in the floor. 

I picked up my phone to call the facilities manager and then I saw him across the room talking on his phone.  No matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t get his attention.  My phone rang. It was Brooke. She and Shawn had arrived and they were setting up the game and I should get up there to play.  I turned around again and saw that the previously empty 10 tables were now full of ushers in their red Kennedy Center coats.  I started to get incredibly frustrated because they weren’t supposed to be there.   They hadn’t reserved the room and there was another event happening at the same time.  My coworker ran by me and yelled “They aren’t allowed to be in there.  What are you going to do about it?!”  I yelled back that I would take care of it. 

I watched her run by me and into the room and then I saw that the 10 tables were mysteriously gone as were all of the ushers.  I turned my attention back to the three giant holes in the floor and told three other ushers that they needed to protect people from these holes.  Again, the facilities manager was there, talking on his phone and I couldn’t get his attention.  I walked towards him and as I took a step  towards him, I was suddenly in my apartment with Brooke, Shawn and Husband.  I took another step towards them and was suddenly in the woods.

And then I was taking macro photographs of caterpillars.


1 Response to “Caterpillars and holes in the floor”

  1. 1 Brooke September 28, 2009 at 3:25 pm


    And Second-all that and we never got to play? Boo!

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