Blasts from the past

Try as I might, I simply cannot remember my dream from last night.  I know that it was a good one and that I wanted to write about it, but I keep tripping over my memories.

Instead, I would like to share a few blasts from the past of things I did when I was younger.  Enjoy!

Age 8 – I walked into the living room where my father was playing tetris and said “Where’s Beth?”  My dad calmly responded “In bed, where you should be.”  “Okay” I said, and walked back to my room.

Age 11 – Sometime in the middle of the night my mother awoke to find me sitting on the top of my bunkbed with my hands on the ceiling yelling “I gotta keep it up!  I gotta keep it up!!”  (Which is almost as good as the time my father, a fellow narcoleptic, woke my mother up asking her how to get the pizza down from off of the ceiling.)

Age 14 – My poor sister awoke to find me pulling on her arm yelling “Steph! Steph! We gotta get outta here!!”  Poor Sister.

….and finally…

Age 16 – At the high school thespian conference, I woke up standing outside of my motel room.  Yep.  Outside.  And it was  real motel where the doors opened up to the outside, not into a nice carpeted hallway.  In April.  In Ohio. 

Stay tuned as it gets really busy at work this week and I’ll be under fantastic amounts of stress which means fantastic amounts of dreaming and screaming!


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