I do not have homicidal tendencies!

This dream definitely falls into the category of “huh, that’s weird.  Man, I hope she doesn’t try to kill me.”

Last night I dreamt that I was in my high school chemistry classroom and I was surrounded by a large group of people.  For some reason, I was really agitated about something and I think I had had way too much coffee.  Everyone in the room told me that I would feel better if I stabbed someone but I really didn’t want to.  After some persuading, I agreed that I might feel better after stabbing someone and decided on a college classmate whom I had to kiss in a play.  Who also happened to be my ex-boyfriend’s little sister in real life. 

So, I went into another room where she was laying on one of the lab tables and I stabbed her in the shoulder with a pair of scissors.  She looked up at me and said “dude!  That’s a horrible shot!  I didn’t even feel it!  Try again you loser!” And, because she told me to, I stabbed her again.  “Good job, Lindsey!  That was a good one” she said as she jumped up from the table.  We shook hands and she walked out of the room.  I felt better. Less jumpy – just like my friends predicted.

I followed her out of the room and realized that all of my friends who had been pushing me to stab someone were now really upset with me.  I walked up to the closest person and said “Now, have you seen Johnny Depp?” 

Then I was flossing in my bathroom.


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