And then I was wearing an orange life vest

I am an event planner at the Kennedy Center.

I had a dream that we had an event at 7am in the Grand Foyer of the Kennedy Center but no one told us about it.  The event consisted of a dinner (breakfast?) in the Foyer and a performance in the Opera House.  While the guests were in the Opera House, we were frantically setting up the dinner in the Foyer. 

As we were setting up, I heard a voice of a colleague who has since left the building.  She was wearing a blue formal gown.  I hugged her. As I stepped away, she was wearing a white tuxedo shirt, black bow tie and black cummerbund.

Immediately, everyone was in their seats and eating something that I couldn’t see.  A man walked up to one of the tables and began to take photographs.  My colleague whispered to me “I don’t think he’s supposed to be here.”  So I went up to him and asked to see his press pass.  He said he didn’t have one but wanted to see the view.  I told him that he could go outside of the building but “the view” wouldn’t be open until 10am.

Immediately, he and I were in a very crowded Hall of Nations where I continually tried to convince him that he couldn’t stay in the building and that he needed to leave.  I tried repeatedly to push him out of the building.  I called for security but saw that it wasn’t security but rather Nick from Bravo’s Step it up and Dance  hosted by Jessie Spano

Nick was not helpful in getting this guy out.  After a few minutes of me pushing him and telling him to leave, for some reason I walked away.  Literally 10 steps away and then back.  As I was walking back, some paramedics were loading him onto a stretcher and putting him in an ambulance.  I yelled at Nick to see what had happened but no one could hear or see me. 

So I walked into the Concert Hall stage door which turned into a closet.  And then I was wearing an orange life vest.

The end.


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